Why increasing your CO2 tolerance can be beneficial

Why increasing your CO2 tolerance can be beneficial

For years we’ve been taught that Co2 is bad for our health. But you may be surprised to know that boosting your Co2 tolerance may actually benefit you in several ways.

  1. Helps reduce anxiety

Shallow breathing triggers anxiety. Since Co2 helps maintain a consistent breathing pattern, having a higher tolerance may help reduce anxiety.

  1. Helps you run faster for longer

Increased Co2 tolerance has been proven to be beneficial for endurance athletes.

This is because the more Co2 they can tolerate, the slower their heart will beat, and consequently, the faster they can run.

(Running with a low CO2 tolerance, makes the heart beat faster and will cause you to feel winded faster.

  1. Helps you stay underwater longer

Increasing Co2 tolerance helps you hold your breath for longer, which in turn helps you remain underwater longer without needing to resurface to take a breath. 

As a result, CO2 tolerance training has become an important part of a freediver’s training.

  1. Helps manage symptoms of depression

Research shows that increased Co2 tolerance can help manage symptoms of depression. Co2 is known to calm the nervous system, allowing one to maintain a relaxed state and experience positive emotions.

  1. Helps reduce inflammation

Studies show that Co2 lessens inflammation in the body. Increasing CO2 resistance helps the body to store CO2 for a longer period of time. 

As a result, more Co2 is available to travel throughout the body to the site of inflammation. 

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