Four Top Scuba Diving Spots In Dubai

What would your day look like if you could spend it in the midst of some of the most amazing collections of  turtles, dolphins, rays, and over 500 species of fish?

Home to an incredible variety of marine life, Dubai earns its spot as one of the most thrilling scuba diving destinations.

Here are four dive spots to consider:


The Zainab wreck is one of the most popular wreck diving locations in Dubai. Once a vessel dedicated to oil transportation, the ship sank in 2001 due to an interception. 

Over the years, this sunken treasure has transformed into a playground for marine life including yellowtail barracuda, batfish, and snappers. 

Its depth ranges from a minimum of 20 meters to a maximum of 30 meters, making it an ideal choice for experienced divers.

Mariam Express:

Mariam Express, a roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) ferry primarily engaged in cargo transport between the UAE and Iraq, sank in 2006 along with its entire cargo, because of rough weather. 

The first dive site has depths ranging from 18 meters to 25 meters, making it an ideal choice for divers with Advanced Open Water certification or higher.

Another site, where remnants of the cargo and construction vehicles can be explored, is situated at a shallower depth of 21 meters. 

This wreck has evolved into an artificial ecosystem, providing a home for various marine life, including yellowtail barracuda, spotted eagle rays, and torpedo rays. 

Furthermore, this underwater habitat is adorned with a rich variety of nudibranch and flatworm species, making it a popular diving spot. 

Cement Barge:

 One of Dubai’s well-known dive sites is the Cement Barge, with depths ranging from 5 to 20 meters. 

Its relatively shallow conditions make it an excellent choice for beginners, and it’s also an ideal spot for snorkeling and night diving adventures.

Sheikh Mohamed Barge:

The former McDermott Derrick Barge was intentionally sunk to establish an artificial coral habitat and encourage the growth of marine life off the Dubai coast. 

With depths spanning from 18 to 23 meters, this captivating site requires at least two dives to fully explore its underwater beauty.

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