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FREEDIVING.....and much more!

We believed that freediving is not only just a sport, it's a way of life..! We offer different levels of freediving courses, and specialities, plus a continuous training programs at pool or open water.

Areas of Expertise

Freediving, React Right - Emergency First Response, Spearfishing, Freediving Specialities

PADI Diving in Dubai
Apnea Zone Freediving Services

Our Services

Our team we lead you during all the stages of freediving courses step by steps, to ensure the best experience, and follow up with training programs after finishing the course.

Advanced Freediving

Designed to refine and improve your freediving skills, allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body performs during apnea (suspension of breathing).

Master Freediver

For advanced freedivers who want to approach elite freediving levels. You will learn to bring your static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion and constant weight skills to the next level.

Freediver Instructor

It's the right time to turn your passion into profession and change your career route! We help you to achieve this by designing a professional program!

Spearfishing Course 

The art program that has been developed for new spearo’s to learn new skills and already active spearos to refine their hunting abilities safely

Pool Training

Improve your skills, enhance your experience, and stay fit by joining our regular pool training sessions!

Open water session

Great opportunity to practice depth in different types with buddy and safety environment to practice on equalizations or different skills.

AIDA Freediving Courses

The art program that has been developed for new spearo’s to learn new skills and already active spearos to refine their hunting abilities safely

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Apnea Zone

About Us

Freediving is holding your breath as you swim underwater.  Freediving gives you absolute freedom underwater and allows you to observe and enjoy marine life in a completely natural way.


Freediving is such a beautiful activity that is gaining wide popularity in the world of water sports. ​ Freediving is a lot easier and more fun than you might think so get in touch and begin your freediving education in Dubai with us! As an official Freediving Instructor Training Center, we offer courses from beginner to professional levels.

About Us

Our Team

Claire Apnea Zone Instructor


Passionate Freediving Instructor LVL2 with more than 50 meter CWT Personal Record.

Bassel Apnea Zone Instructor


Freediving Instructor Trainer, International Freeidivng Judge For Both Pool and OpenWater Desciplines Competitions

Elma Apnea Zone Instructor


Elma the diving is her passion actually and she believes that being able to share her passion with others is truly rewarding.

Tom Apnea Zone Instructor


Very Dynamic Freediving Instructor For Advanced Levels, Operate Courses in multiple language, he loves to share his passion

Man Freediving in Dubai
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