Spearfishing – Why Taking a Freediving course first is important

Spearfishing – Why Taking a Freediving course first is important

If you’ve been wanting to join a spearfishing course, chances are you’ve not thought about learning to freedive first.

I don’t blame you. Most people new to spearfishing don’t 🙂

However, learning to freedive is crucial since it increases your confidence underwater and improves your skills, letting you stay underwater longer and, as a result, catch more fish.

Here are three advantages to taking a freediving course first.

#1 Improved confidence

When it comes to freediving, breathing is most important. Perfecting your breathing technique allows you to dive deeper and  stay underwater longer.

Diving regularly for extended periods of time increases your confidence, and reduces the chances of panicking, particularly in situations like grappling with a fish or getting entangled in your line. 

#2 Learning buoyancy and weighting

Many novice spearfishers tend to rely on excessive weight to compensate for subpar technique. In such cases, initiating a descent doesn’t even require a duck dive, and finning during the descent becomes unnecessary.

However, this practice makes their ascent challenging and perilous, because this is  when oxygen levels are at their lowest. If you’re heavily weighted at the surface and experience a blackout, the risk of sinking and potential drowning escalates.

Learning to freedive gives you the ability to reach the optimal buoyancy that balances ease and safety. 

As your expertise grows, you’ll find yourself needing less weight. This not only enhances your flexibility but also helps you adjust to any spearfishing scenario.

#3 Learning to fin correctly

Using fins makes your leg muscles harder. If you do it incorrectly you’ll waste energy and move less.

A freediving course will make you more aware of your body, your physical abilities, and how to fin in the most efficient way possible – all of which will improve your hunting experience.

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