Worried about blacking out or just nervous? Don’t be.

All our instructors are PADI certified and have an average training experience of over 10 years. They’ve trained people of all skill levels (beginner, advanced and master, across several nationalities, and have even trained other instructors).

We have EFR services onsite. All respondents are trained to follow internationally recognized emergency care guidelines and are ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

We ensure we purchase Insurance for trainers and students.

We also have oxygen tank providers stationed onsite, just in case someone blacks out. It’s never happened to us before but we want to make sure we are able to administer care until we get the person safely to hospital.

Feel uneasy in the open water? We got you.

We use the buddy system. Someone always dives with you (one up , one down) so you never feel alone.

When it comes to buoys, we make sure we don’t have extra people on them. In fact we insist on less people than the stipulated number.

Worried about the weather?

If you’re thinking about how unpredictable the weather can be – we’ve nailed that too. We always check the weather forecast with local fishermen before we plan the date for a dive so we aren’t surprised by inclement weather.

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…But what if it doesn’t work out?

Maybe you’ve been burned by low-quality services before. Or by training that promised way more than it delivered. We get it. It happens.

That’s why we’ve built our entire business around making sure you’re 100% satisfied before and after you sign up. 

Online Preparatory Training
  • You’re ready before you leave home
  • Step-by-Step Help
  • Quick and effective
Tailored Approach
  • Fits your needs
  • Takes only to <x hours/days> complete
  • Process-focused not outcome-focused
10 Years of Experience
  • PADI certified and EFR trained
  • Progress at your pace
  • Friendly, Real People

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