The Jetta MSF set from Beuchat comes with three great baseline products that are perfect for anyone looking to get into snorkelling or diving. The set includes Jetta fins, a Corso mask and an Oceo Purge snorkel.


Blue Jetta Snorkelling Set features:

  • Beuchat Jetta fins
    • Efficient stroking fins with jet openings with excellent control
    • Comfortable open heel footpocket with elastic zones for fitting and anti-slip sole
    • Compact for travelling and makes walking easier
  • Beuchat Corso mask
    • A durable mask with a hydrodynamic design
    • Detachable buckles for tangle-free donning and doffing
    • Flexible buckle adjustment and silicone skirting
  • Beuchat Oceo Purge Snorkel
    • 18mm curved tube snorkel with a purge for easy drainage of water

Beuchat Blue Jetta Snorkelling Set


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