Why You Should Once in Your Life Experience FreeDiving

With big bucket lists, we have dreams of experiencing the most unrealistic things in the world. Some want to go to the North pool, some want to swim in the pacific ocean and some want to go to outer space. All of these wishes have one thing in common and that is to have an experience that is adventurous and unforgettable. So, if you are someone looking to add things to do to your adventure list then freediving is must-add.

Well, why freediving you ask? Because it is the portal that helps you to transfer yourself into another world, a world that co-exists with us but has not been explored that much. Freediving provides you with the opportunity to interact with aquatic life that is magnificent and full of colors that represent nature.

Freediving is Fun because of the following reasons:

Next Level Tranquility

Below water, the sounds are less and the bodyweight feels heavy, the only thing you concentrate on is your breath and the wonders of sea life in front of you. The peace and focus that you get below water cannot be experienced anywhere. The solitude of underwater will surround you and you would want to relive it again and again.

Corals, Fishes, Dolphins and All

With the calmness underwater, you get to witness the busy lives of all the ocean's flora and fauna. From gorgeous coral reefs to beautiful schools of fish you get to see them. Getting amused by the underwater world is a fulfilling thing to experience.

Learn a New Skill

Freediving is very different from scuba diving as freediving requires you to work more on your breaths and has lesser equipment as compared to scuba diving. Less equipment does mean more body movement but would require you to train yourself properly. Hence, you have to learn the new skill of controlling your breath. But learning how to control your breath doesn’t require you to be necessary to be underwater, you can learn on the surface as well. So, if you want to do freediving, start practicing today.

Above was just a small list reflecting on why you should try freediving. There are also many training institutes that can provide you the right guidance to master the art of freediving. If you are someone that believes in making unforgettable memories that teach you something about this world at the same time, then freediving is an experience that you should not leave behind.

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