Why you Should be Learning Underwater Navigation?

Has being an edge ahead was always your forte? Do you like to indulge completely in the task at hand? Most importantly, do you wish to cultivate a life-saving global skill? Then learning how to navigate underwater is something you must do. This will make you a diver who is followed by everyone and has exceptional observation techniques. For becoming a certified underwater navigator you need to have PADI certification of open water diving and must be of 10 years or older in age.

While learning underwater navigation you will learn to observe underwater landscapes carefully so you can navigate your diving buddies. You will learn the methods to estimate the distance underwater, compass navigation in case you are making multiple turns, underwater map making, and relocating, or marking the swamped object from the surface. Isn’t all this absolutely amazing? Moreover, underwater navigation is considered to be a skill as per PADI norms, and listed below are the reasons why.

  • Builds diver’s confidence

It is an undeniable fact that being invigilated by a navigator builds the confidence of other divers and assures safety as well. With these three days long certifications you will be good to go with your newly cultivated skills. This will not only make your diving more interesting as you are leading the crew but will also be considered helpful while you are going for the solo dives.

  • Saves energy by minimizing excess swimming

Poor navigation is directly related to excess and unnecessary efforts; be it land, air, or water. By learning underwater navigation techniques you will be able to save time and energy to enjoy the dive at its best.

  • Makes dive planning more effective

When you know where you are heading towards, uncertainty turns into a fully assured plan. Hence, learning how to navigate in the depth of the ocean by observing the landscape carefully will make you help in planning an effective dive. Is not it all completely thrilling?

A navigator keeps the diving buddies together and has the most responsible and respected position in the group. It is overall, way more than just basic diving. Here, you have the extra skill of reading the ocean and make paths to fascination and surface. The whole idea of observing and communicating with nature is just astounding.

  • Reduces air consumption

One can’t deny the vitality of oxygen underwater, and it is needless to say that swimming in the wrong direction will increase oxygen consumption. Therefore, one more important task of optimized oxygen consumption is in the hand of the underwater navigator.

  • Techniques

Underwater navigation is done through two techniques majorly; orienteering (where the navigation is done with the help of an underwater magnetic compass( and natural navigation techniques.

Natural navigation includes navigating through the help of bottom composition sunlight, and water movements, while orienteering is done with compasses and needs a combination of various techniques. Overall, navigation requires practice, good training, and familiarity with the ocean.

If the aforementioned excited you, don’t hesitate to enroll in a three days long underwater navigation course with Apnea Zone.

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