Why do we need wetsuits for freediving?

Freediving wetsuits are usually a costly affair but freedivers have to wear one while freediving.

These add up to your safety and for a freediver to focus on his diving, he/she must be comfortable enough to carry out such a task underwater. A wetsuit ensures that a freediver is warm in cold temperatures and can completely concentrate only on the freediving.

Top reasons for buying a wetsuit for freediving

Apart from giving warmth to our bodies while underwater, a wetsuit has numerous advantages, let us discuss the major factors that will convince you to buy a wetsuit for yourself:

· Prevents us from creatures underwater

Yes, the wetsuits give us protection from one of the major threats inside the water i.e. stings. The water bodies are a home to a plenty of species that might sting you in the water, and it is very important to protect our skin from the stings by the creatures underwater, both while we are practicing in surface water or near the shores.

· Prevents from sunburns

Freediving in the water can result in serious sun damages on our skin, the damaging UV rays of the sun are sure to make bruises on our bodies. A wetsuit helps prevent sunburns and the risks of skin cancer from our usually exposed bodies.

· Prevents from injuries

Generally, freedivers go freediving near the corals, you may always end up unintentionally rubbing against them, despite how much focus you pay to avoid rocks or rough corals. Such cuts can reveal your skin to other bacteria that may be floating in the water, which can lead to dangerous infections.

· Prevention from cold

In the case of freediving, typically the divers understand and have the knowledge on how exposure to cold water can sabotage a dive's relaxation process. Any scenario can affect a dive, whether it is at the surface or free falling and being attacked by a cold water wave.

Final Words

Although you may choose to go for a freedive without a wetsuit, it might have some dangerous repercussions later. Better opt for wearing a wetsuit and prevent yourself from all kinds of threats mentioned above. Happy freediving!

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