What to Shed Weight? Scuba Diving is the Right Activity for You

An activity becomes more rewarding when it has more things to offer, and scuba diving is undoubtedly one of them. This recreational activity doesn’t only expose you to a whole different world but is a great exercise for the people who are looking to trim down. If you are a regular diver you must have noticed how your weight shows the fluctuations of 2-3 kgs after a long liveaboard session, and how you feel extremely hungry after a couple of dives. The truth being this mystery is, the density of the water is higher than air and whatever physical activity you do underwater makes you burn more calories.

  • How many calories burn you can expect while diving

On average, a scuba diver will burn between 400 to 700 calories for an hour of a dive. Some of the factors that determine the calorie burn are the temperature of the water, and the current. Where on the other hand an average person can burn up to 500 calories per hour while running. Hence, if you are serious about weight loss and at the same time looking for something adventurous to go for, scuba diving should be your number one pick.

  • You lose weight without efforts and sweat

The biggest perk of exercising underwater through scuba diving is, you don’t sweat, you can pull a long session of dive without feeling actually tired, and the whole activity is rather refreshing than tiring. Can you recall the feeling of feeling all tired and sweaty after spending 20 minutes on a treadmill? You don’t have to face that while opting for scuba diving. Also, water dissipates heat 20 times faster than the air which makes you feel cooler and yet you burn more calories.

  • Water increases our metabolism

Do you know when your body tries to keep you warm when it’s extremely cold and in order to do so your metabolism increases. In arctic regions, an average human needs 7000-9000 calories per day and the same goes underwater too. You expose yourself to the cooler temperature that makes you burn more calories without making you feel more tired.

  • Precautions

The thing that needs special attention is that being underwater doesn’t mean that you don’t need to hydrate yourself. In fact, most cases of decompression sickness occurred due to dehydration. Hence, keep your safety kits handy and keep having water.

  • Final words

Scuba diving is an amazing activity for people who are looking to lose some weight, however, it’s essential to keep track of your water intake and keep safe from hypothermia. You can also take scuba diving training from the experts to enhance your experience.

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