Top reasons why you should remove snorkel while freediving right away!


reediving is about diving and exploring the deep underwater, this sport has always encouraged the use of snorkels. The key factor of using snorkels as stated by the freedivers is to be able to breathe continuously along with the safety of the surface. Some of the pros also permit the use of snorkel for an effortless dive.

It stands great for divers who breathe-up by the usage of a snorkel. Although, it is suggested to be sure of blowing out the snorkel before freediving. In some circumstances, freediving underwater with a snorkel may prove to be fatal. Let’s look at some of the key reasons to stop wearing snorkeling gear:

Tongue as a shield at odds with water

Freedivers usually make use of their tongues to secure the snorkel while holding their breath and diving underwater. In turn, the tongue serves as a thin shield preventing the water within the snorkel to flow into your mouth and get into the lungs. This is not considered safe as you may twist your tongue in response to getting disturbed by a water creature. The water will then flow straight into your lungs until you move your tongue away from the snorkel.

Increases the possibility of drowning

Normally, if you black out and lose consciousness while in the deep waters, your body's defense system kicks in and saves you from drowning. Because, when you lose consciousness, the protective mechanism of the body tightly closes the jaw and restricts the water from entering the lungs.

On the other hand, using a snorkel in the mouth during unconsciousness, your jaw closes around the mouthpiece firmly and since you are not awake, the muscles of the tongue protecting the mouthpiece will pull back. This will allow the water to flow right into the lungs.

Resurfacing may result in blackouts

Never attempt freediving using a snorkel when you are to resurface from a dive. One should not clear the snorkel before breathing in. Freedive is such an activity where oxygen is counted as a blessing and one can't afford to lose it, it is better to just let the snorkel out of the mouth to instantly breathe with the help of the mouth while resurfacing.

Not recommended for powerful currents

Pursuing a freedive in powerful currents is a stupid idea and one should avoid doing it. The snorkel is being pushed and pulled by the drag from the currents, which can slow you down. In the worst scenario, the current could tear odd the entire mask along with the snorkel. The diver could draw in water and the whole scenario may become risky. Always be sure you never dive with heavy currents if you are required to make use of a snorkel while freediving.

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