Three Questions a First-Time Spearo Should Know The Answers To

One is bound to feel excited when they begin the journey of spearfishing. If you are looking for tips and information to enhance the beginning of your journey, then you have landed on a perfect blog.

We will answer three major questions that every spearfisher who has just started this hobby should be aware of.

What kind of Gear do you require for spearfishing?

Freediving and spearfishing go hand in hand. You do not require any gear to enhance your dives. So what kind of gear do you require for spearfishing? The most basic gear that you require is; a Speargun, pole spear or Hawaiian sling. We also, recommend you a float, float line and a stringer. You will also require a wetsuit and knife depending on the area that you choose to spear in. You can look for a freediver watch, diving socks, spare gun and spare parts in the later stages of your journey.

Do you know the basic rules of safety for Spearfishing?

Safety is a must while spearfishing. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. The safety rules in spearfishing are clear-cut and leave no space for a grey area. Just like freediving, you must make sure that you avoid going out all by yourself. Always have a diving buddy with you no matter what. Stay on the surface of the water when your buddy is diving down. Keep an eye on their activity. We also recommend you come up with some hand signals to signify different situation. This will help your buddy identify what problem you are in and take actions accordingly.

Why should you start spearfishing?

It is integral to know the purpose behind your desire to learn spearfishing. You must start with a proper mindset. Ask yourself; if you are spearfishing to put fresh food on your plate for the day. It is understandable that you would want bigger fish after a point. You must also realize that spearfishing is not a competitive sport. The main purpose of spearfishing is to catch fresh fish in a sustainable way.

Final thoughts

Take turns to dive and spearfish with your buddy and keep monitoring each other. Since you carry a weapon with you while spearfishing, you should be careful with it. Never shoot up, do not shoot when someone is behind the target, avoid carrying loaded spearguns on the boat and never point the gun at someone. Avoid smoking or drinking before going for a spearfishing session. Spearfishing is as it is a risky activity but all the risks involved can be calculated. Do not put your life in danger by taking any kind of drugs before your diving session. It is not worth it.

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