Three Amazing Ways to Defeat the Fear of Freediving!

Are you someone who goes through the fear of going under the surface of the water? This blog is not just for freedivers but you as well. This will encourage you to defeat your fear of underwater. If the fear of freediving is stopping you from exploring the beautiful marine world the following are some tips to conquer your fears:

How to not be scared while freediving?

Practice holding your breath in a swimming pool

The most common way to practice breathing by freedivers is in shallow pools. You can count the number of minutes within which you stay underwater without breathing. You can eventually increase the duration of holding your breath and determine your limit. As a beginner freediver, you can start withholding your breath for thirty seconds and increase the time eventually. This is a great way to train your lungs to be comfortable with staying underwater.


Panicking is common for people who are scared of being underwater. Meditation is a good way to cope with this fear. Panic attacks due to equipment failure is a major cause of freediving mishaps. Acting illogically in a time of panic and losing control is pretty common. Situations like these can get the best of you. Through meditation, you will be able to put your mind at ease. Meditation right before a freediving session will calm you down. It will help you keep your cool in a time of emergency. It is therapeutic for some people to stay underwater. Water itself makes them calm down sometimes, but everyone is not fortunate enough to feel that way. This is where meditation comes to your rescue.

Accept your limits

The most important step to face your fear of freediving is to accept and acknowledge your limits. Keep a track of how far you have come in the process of defeating your fear of freediving. For instance, even out of all the fish in the ocean, only the sailfish swims the fastest. This is a great example to remind yourself that everyone is different and has their own pace of learning, You cannot be naturally good at everything. So, the first step to being good at is to identify your fears and work on them. Time and patience are the two factors that will help you achieve this goal.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about freediving is that you do not require oxygen tanks and any special gear to engage in it. You are supposed to dive deep into the ocean for just as long as you can hold your breath. The most fascinating thing about freediving is that one gets to develop a special kind of relationship with the marine world. This relationship with the ocean can be explored and cherished for a lifetime. Getting rid of the fear of freediving is the only way that you can initiate this

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