These Creepy Scuba Diving Stories will Give you Instant Goosebumps

With all honesty, the ocean is vast and full of mysteries. Sometimes it’s all about fun at beaches, sometimes it’s a graveyard of majestic ships, sometimes it’s all about chilling on the cruise, and sometimes it’s about eerie silence and anticipation of what’s below there. The ocean is quite kaleidoscopic and it’s definitely not all pleasant all the time. People fear oceans as nobody can ever be ready for any mishappening at a place that is miles deep and miles away from the land. Let’s read some of the spookiest incidences people encountered while taking that dip of faith as recorded by InsideHook.

We hope these stories will make your spine chill and introduce you to the dark side of diving. However, the intention is just to entertain you and push you to be equipped and calm.

1. “After an hour or two of searching, I went back into the blue hole to see if there were any signs of him. Saw the glint of his watch and his arm sticking out near the bottom.

Started descending down to the bottom to recover the body. On the way down, I realized that the “bottom” was a school of sharks that must have been there for breeding. So many sharks that they blocked the view of the actual bottom.

Descended into the darkness, grabbed his arm (couldn’t stand to look at the body), and started ascending. The sharks followed. And were circling the both of us. Had to take a break halfway at around 65 feet so as to not get the bends. Scared sh-tless. The entire time waiting to normalize scared sh-tless. The victim was struck by a passing boat.” —@keithbah

2. “My grandpa was in the Australian navy during the Vietnam War. They were taught to shake the hand of dead sailors when recovering the bodies to make them more comfortable and familiar with handling a dead body. On my grandpa’s first recovery dive he shook the hand of a dead sailor and the arm came off the body. Had to keep his cool and bring the body up, but still pretty messed up.” —@ontoast

3. “Me and two buddies were on a night dive in the Puget Sound hunting prawns. It was about 1AM, and we’re a good hundred feet deep — the darkest black you could imagine. We used to do this thing on night dives where we’d get in a circle, turn off our lights, then stir up the water and watch the bioluminescence float around us like floating stars in a black watery space. Beautiful. Only this one time, we turn off our lights, stir up the water, and the water glows just enough to reveal a fourth person sitting in our circle. We were at a dive resort, so it wasn’t so odd to see another diver, only it was 1AM — we’d seen no one else prepping a dive at the dock.

“He was also alone, which was odd considering the dangerous conditions of a night dive in those waters, and he had no fins or gloves. I don’t know how he swam so well without fins or didn’t get hypothermia without boots or gloves. We wore dry suits because it was so cold, but this dude was in a wetsuit with exposed skin. We thought we saw a giant gash in one of the legs. So, the three of us all notice him, and we’re too f-cking scared to move. I can hear my buddies panting in their regs, and the guy just smiles, waves, then swims away. Whenever you think you’re alone and someone just shows up, like in an alley at night, it’s weird. 100 feet underwater at night is terrifying. ” —Ranker

4. “My parents are experienced divers and did a cave dive a few years before I was born. It was narrow and more of a winding underwater tunnel than a cave. The divemaster went in first and then all the divers followed him with flashlights. My parents took the rear and halfway through the tunnel my dad’s flashlight then miraculously dies, and they’re stuck in the middle of the pitch-black tunnel (my mom was not carrying a flashlight). Then my dad remembered he had a camera with a flash which prompted them to navigate the rest of the cave a few feet at a time by using the flash to see where the divers ahead had kicked up sand. They made it out just fine about 15 minutes after the group, but the thought of being trapped in that cave scares me.” —funf_

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