Spearfishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing is an exciting adventure in itself, it takes us back to the time where humans had to rely on hunting to feed themselves. In fact, it is suggested that if you are so particular about the freshness of your food then you must try fishing once. Moreover, the thrill and excitement of fishing just increases by many folds when it comes to spearfishing. Hunting fishing underwater wearing your gears with a spear, now this is what you call a perfect dose of recreational activity. However, spearfishing comes with the risk of blackouts and getting caught by dangerous sea or water creatures yet with proper invigilance and safety you can enjoy it. Here are a few tips that can help you in doing spearfishing as a beginner.

  • Take a diving buddy along

Doing fishing underwater comes with its own downside hence don’t get swayed in the rush of adventure, and make sure you are not spearfishing alone. The worst that can happen during underwater fishing is you may encounter a lack of oxygen in the brain (also known as blackout), and if you are not attending for mere two minutes you this damages your brain and causes death. Hence, always include a dive buddy with yourself, no matter how familiar you are with spearfishing.

  • Always carry a dive knife with yourself

It is always safe to carry a knife while diving underwater, it will not only help you in braining the fish (a process of stabbing the fish’s head and killing it completely) but will help you in many other ways. With the help of a knife, you can keep the danger a bay and can cut yourself for tangled ropes and nets. This equipment will help you and your buddies when the least expected thus don’t forget to carry it.

  • Find yourself a mentor and start with a pole spear

Spearfishing is way too different from normal finishing and needs a lot of techniques to perform successfully. Thus, it is suggested to have a mentor that will teach you breathing and hunting techniques. Also, pole spears would be great choices to start with. These convenient and inexpensive spears will make you learn how to use a weapon while underwater and other fundamentals of spearfishing without much hassle.

  • Never stick your hand or spear in dark holes

This comes without saying! Underwater is a dangerous place if you are encountering something unfamiliar. Usually, eels with razor-sharp teeth live inside these holes and this would be a complete nightmare to either get bitten by an eel or get your hand stuck inside a hole. Thus, avoid sticking your hands inside dark holes in any situation.

  • Make yourself look small

Fish can’t see from eyes like us, all they rely on is a silhouette thus make sure you are not scaring them off by appearing too big. Try to hide under rocks to hunt them so you can't trace your monster-like silhouette and stay calm even in your presence and then hunt them when the opportunity is right.

Overall, spearfishing is an amazing activity if don’t properly with safety. Get introduced to this aspect of diving with the Apnea Zone and learn how to master this art.

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