Places to visit if you have just completed your freediving training

70% of the earth is covered with water, which means 70% of the earth is still in the process of exploration. Hence, freediving provides an opportunity to venture into this unknown space with a brave face. Freediving is a way of exploring the underwater world without the compulsions of an oxygen cylinder as freedivers are trained to hold their breaths in order to venture through the oceans.

After completing your freediving course, you would also be wanting to know which are the top places that you can go for freediving This article brings a very precise list of the top places to visit in order to enhance your freediving experience.

How to choose the best place for your freediving expedition

As a beginner or even someone who has just a little bit of experience, it is always required to plan properly first. Before going on such adventures one should understand the level of their skill set and select a good freediving school that might be present anywhere near the shore where you want to free-dive.

The trick is to always look for reviews from genuine accounts. Now, don’t leave everything to the instructor, before arriving at your freediving destination do learn about the area that you are going to dive in like what kind of aquatic life is found there which will help in pushing this adventure of yours up a notch.

List of some Places to absolutely visit

  • Kona, Hawaii Island

Kona, Hawaii is one of the top places on the bucket list of most freedivers. As freediving is becoming popular each day, this is the perfect place to learn and master the art of freediving. With a very safe coastline and beautiful beaches, Kona presents an all-in-one package for beginners to experts.

  • Isla Contoy, Mexico

This place is for those intermediaries that have certain experience in freediving. This place is mostly popular for its summer-time freediving experience as the water is warm and filled with unseen colorful aquatic life.

  • Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is a part of the Philippine country made up of many small islands together. Many of these smaller islands that are a part of Cebu provide freediving. It has the Olango group of islands that provide for a sight not just of various underwater species but also of birds, then we have Capitancillo island that provides for the perfect waters for beginners.

  • The Great Blue Hole, Belize

From colorful coral reefs to a great blue hole to free-dive in, this place has got it all. The name defines its destination, it is from as much as this place’s aerial view is breath-taking, its underwater view is also serenading.

Final Opinion

Freediving is a skill that will provide one with thrills for the whole life. While visiting various parts of the world you get to not only visit their monumental land-sites but also life under their deep waters which increases your experience of visiting a place to its fullest. At Apnea Zone training for both of these activities is provided by one of the most reputed experts. From basics to advanced levels, everything is available as a course to be learned today. For checking out more related courses do visit

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