Is it possible to freedive without a mask | Find out here!

Yes! you read it correctly! Several divers prefer wearing a mask since it is much better and safe. Freediving greatly decreases underwater visibility when not wearing a mask and hence adds a lot of risk to an existing dangerous, risky sport. However, it is recommended to always make use of a mask to keep yourselves safer during freediving in deep water bodies.

However, there are quite a few heads up as well as drawbacks of freediving without wearing a mask. Talking about the benefits, let's discuss them below.

Pros of not using a mask while freediving

Yes, it must be shocking to some freedivers when we said it is possible to freedive without a mask, let's see what are the benefits :

Economizing the air

While a freediver is not wearing a mask, he doesn't need to equalize it continuously as he dives into combat with the mask squeeze. By practicing it, you would end up saving more oxygen inside your lungs if you do not equalize the mask. This proves to be beneficial precisely for the pro freedivers who don't have to equalize their ears for going in full depth for every bit of air available in their lungs.

Increased diving reflex

In the case of certain freedivers, the dive reflex can be slowed down or decreased by wearing a mask. And it results in further use of oxygen and shorter dives.

Boosts relaxation and comfort

A few divers suggest feeling much secure and normal without a mask when freediving. Although the downside of this is that some complain that they feel more worried about the inability to see correctly.

Annoying straps all over your face and additional swimming friction, these factors add to a lower relaxed diving experience.

Surface protocol becomes easier

A freediver has approx 14 to 15 seconds to execute the surface protocol when resurfacing from a freedive. It becomes quite easier when you are not wearing a mask or any type of safety eyewear. On the other hand, when you are wearing a mask, it becomes difficult gasping for air.

Cons of not using a mask while freediving

Not wearing a mask while freediving comes with quite some disadvantages along with having numerous benefits, let's see what are they:

Substandard visible circumstances

Suppose the visibility conditions under water are very severe, then it may result in blackouts and difficulty in retrieving tags. So never mess around during the dark to locate atgs while losing oxygen at your desired depth.

Not safe

In case you get stuck under deep waters, in regard to these emergencies you have to keep the ability to see clearly. Your vision is drastically diminished when you are not wearing a mask, and therefore your chances of getting lost increases dramatically.

Causes irritation in the eyes

Without using a mask, divers are required to open their eyes in the salty water or swimming pools full of chlorine. The water that contains salt or chlorine can pierce down your eyes and make them swollen and in turn diminishing your overall experience.

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