Interesting and Fun Facts about Scuba Diving that will Leave you Stunned

Are you a scuba diving enthusiast? That means you must be well aware of the diving techniques, breathing strategies, precautions you must take during the dive, and much more. However, sometimes when we learn all the necessary, and somewhere amazing left undiscovered. To make you fall in love with the astonishing world of diving, all over again, here are some interesting and fun facts. Do read and comment on what you learned new. Let’s dive!

1. Here comes the first fact that may really get on your nerves. The full form of Scuba. Do you know? “Self contained underwater breathing apparatus” is what Scuba stands for.

2. Being scared of sharks is the most common reason why people never want to try scuba diving. However, this fear is totally irrational and unreasonable. Sharks are just projected extremely fatal in movies but if keeping registered facts into consideration more people are killed by lightning and coconuts than a shark attack. A fall of coconut on the head kills 150 people worldwide in comparison to 8-12 people with a shark attack.

3. If one can manage to dive at every spot of the world inside the boundaries of recreational diving of 40m, they would be able to dive only 4% of the huge ocean. That’s how small we are.

4. Water absorbs light faster and you might get disappointed to see underwater life nothing like how it is shown in the movies or documentaries. Now, here comes the mind-exploding fact; once you reach the depth of 10 meters, you can’t see yellow and red. Hence in case, you get a cut or start bleeding you’ll see your blood in blue color.

5. It is impossible to judge from where the sound is coming underwater. The speed of sound is five times faster than in air and we function more according to how we hear on land through the air.

6. It may sound super gross but spitting in your dive mask before diving can prevent fogging in the mask. As it smoothens the glass surface of your mask, it can’t hold the vapor. However, detergent or soap can do the same yet in case you are in rush don’t forget to spit in your diving mask. It’ll seriously save you from fogging.

7. Guess the most common scuba diving injury? It’s a broken toe.

8. Would you believe that children after eight years of age can perfectly perform scuba diving? However, the only reason they are not considered that apt for the task is that they fairly can’t manage the weight of the equipment.

9. Who can escape the magic created by the animated film, Finding Nemo. The art team of this memorable masterpiece by Pixar has taken a scuba diving course in marine biology and oceanography for understanding the ocean better.

10. Scuba diving has the highest turnaround in comparison to other recreational activities, worldwide. It surpasses sports like golf and football. Moreover, it burns more calories than any other sport activity, A scuba diver can burn around 600 calories in one hour. This is because the body needs to make more efforts to maintain the temperature underwater as the temperature of the water is less.

We hope you have learned something new about your favorite activity. Now, surprise everyone with these fun facts. Happy diving!

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