Impacts of quitting smoking to be a better freediver!

Freediving is a sport where a freediver is completely dependent on his lungs for better and efficient freediving, still, several freedivers smoke cigarettes and harm their lungs. Smoking not only harms the condition of the lungs but also leaves negative impacts on the performance of the freedivers. It directly affects your breath holding capabilities.

Below are the major pointers, explaining the benefits of quitting smoking for better freediving:

  • Enhanced breathing

As soon as you quit smoking, it reduces your throat and lung irritations that were caused entirely by the toxins and the smoke from the cigarettes. This, in turn, implies healthier lungs and any kind of swollen tissues will start to shrink down, thus making breathing during freediving much better.

  • Better equalizations

Your equalization also gets a lot better right after you give up smoking, the cilia inside the lungs get a chance to regenerate in a completely healthy environment. It takes around nine months for the dirt and bacteria to get out of the lungs completely. It also helps in less mucus formation and frequent colds leading to a better equalization for depths.

  • Oxygen Control

In the absence of the harmful chemicals from smoking, the blood pressure and heart rate of your body are capable of dropping down to a normal rate once again. Therefore, your body won't burn more oxygen and will be able to save oxygen for longer breath holds.

  • Boosted oxygen absorption

The human body needs oxygen to function properly, and after quitting smoking the body will be able to manage carbon monoxide blocking the oxygen absorption, rather now, it will function much more effectively.

Final Words

Although smoking is a personal choice, to be a better freediver, one must quit smoking as early as possible. Not only while freediving but it harms your overall body breathing mechanism.

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