Here is Everything you Want to Know About Night Diving

Night diving may sound scary yet mysterious at the same time, and we recommend you to must explore this phenomenon if it has ever fascinated you. It doesn’t matter how many times you have undergone the pure joy of scuba diving, doing the same at night would altogether be a very different experience. Tides, the absence of sunlight, and active nocturnal activity underwater will take you by surprise. You will witness the splendid serenity of darkness and the thrill that comes along with it.

  • Hazards you may encounter while diving underwater

Under no circumstances, you can be careless while surrendering yourself to something as mighty as the sea that too in darkness. The worst that you may encounter is the failure of the light, which may result in a direction lost and you may get drifted away from your crew. Hence, do not compromise on your safety and check your night light carefully and try to be closer to your crew.

  • Precautions to be taken

You should never reflect light directly on your fellow scuba divers, as this may distract them. Also, make sure you have an illuminating buoy to signal your location to the surface. As you can’t risk your life, do listen to your diving coach and stay close to others.

  • Is night diving scary?

To be honest, fears are irrational and you must challenge yourself from time to time. However, descending in the depth of the ocean with just a beam of light can be very daunting but that’s the deal is all about. Exploring the underwater nightlife. Overall, keeping an account of the testimonials night diving is rather fascinating than being scary.

  • Can open water divers do night dive?

Yes, any diver that has a certification is eligible for night diving. Apnea Zone runs a three-night long night diving course in Dubai and Fujairah with an association with PADI. You can enroll for this course as a standalone or as a part of our cumulative diving course.

  • What you can see during a night dive?

You will be amazed to see how different life becomes after the sunset. You can see bioluminescence, manta rays, sleeping sea creatures, corals and will witness an enhanced perception.

  • What do you need for night diving?

You need equipment like, mechanical underwater compass, a slate, marker buoys, dive lights, light sticks, marker lights, electronic navigation aids, reactors, and sound signaling devices.

  • How can learn night diving?

With Apnea Zone anyone who is older than 12 years and is an Open Water Diver or higher can enroll for the PADI night diving course. The course includes three-night dives from Fujairah or Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.

  • What you will learn in the night diving course?

You will learn light handling and communication techniques underwater, along with learning to enter, exit, and navigate in the dark. Most importantly you will learn to identify how plants and animals change behavior at night.

Enroll in this exciting course and challenge your fear while quenching your curiosity. Let’s discover what goes underwater when the sun shuts down with our expert divers.

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