In the water, we lose a lot of the energy from our bo the intake of the caffeine cause it will increase our average heart rate and give us less hydration as coffee is a known diuretic. Decaffeinate coffee is a good alternative for freedivers. before the the dive citrus fruits, ginger, vinegar, cinnamon, paper, cider all this will increase the stomach acidity and we have to avoid it before our dive, stay away of too much sure, not too much honey, no chocolate or candies as it will increase the blood sugar and will make all the carbohydrates disappear from the freediver blood.

The Carbohydrates and high iron food are like the fuel for our bodies during freediving, take into our consideration for the breakfast may contain oatmeal which will contains crabs, banana which is rich in potassium is also good for muscles., dried fruits like dates would be good as well it contains vitamin B, Iron and fiber. Beet root is can increase the breath hold time up to 10%, and also will help the muscles oxygen consumption during freediving, it will increase the blood circulation and it’s also high in Iron. You have to chose food which is easy to digest, and plan to eat 2-3 hours before your dive. Berries would be beneficial as an antioxidants, and includes vitamin C and E, vitamin play a a very important role in freediver intake, green tea for cold days could be better option than the decaf. We have to increase the intake of alkaline food as well it has a good impact on increasing the blood PH which will give the freediver higher C02 tolerance, low metabolism is the secret for the nutrition of freedivers, small meal but frequent is always advisable.

No nutrition article would be complete without mentioning the WATER! Men should drink more water than women in average 3 liters for men and 2 liters for women. with proper hydration will avoid lower breath hold times, fatigue, black out and equalization as well, our bodies will lose a lot of water cause the diuresis, heat temperature in UAE and intense activity during freediving so we should consume water even before we feel thirsty.

Better nutrition makes better freedivers!

The article has been published at DIVERS magazine UAE March2020

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