Four Free Mobile Applications for Freedivers You Should Know About!

Freediving in 2021 means that it is not just confined to the physical world, but also has got the benefits of the latest technology. Even though there is a huge number of youtube videos, articles, facebooks posts about freediving available on the internet, there are also many free or paid freediving mobile applications available on different platforms (Google Playstore, Apple AppStore, etc). These applications can be used by you if you want to train for freediving on the go.

Following are some great mobile applications for freedivers:

Freediving Apnea Trainer

This is a freediving application that is designed for beginners as well as advanced freedivers. It is one of the most popular dry static training applications available in various app stores. The application provides an auto calculation of training tables that are generated from your personal best performance. You can also edit the already existing tables according to your convenience. The provision to add your new tables. Freediving Apnea Trainer preserves your history in the form of charts and statistics. This application supports many Bluetooth devices that record heart rate measurements.


A dive computer is not a necessity if you have installed MySSI on your phone. This mobile application enables you to log dives on your calendar. You can keep a check on your locations, conditions, depth/distance, timetable, and much more through this app. The application also lets you keep a record of the equipment that you were using during your dive session. It creates memos of extra information related to your equipment too. Even though this app is designed for scuba divers the settings of the log can be adjusted to freediving too. This application is a great alternative for excel sheets.


This application is made for freediving photography enthusiasts. It is a color restoration application. The colors come out really vibrant after getting touch-ups on Dive+. The free version of the application adds a watermark to the pictures by default. However, the watermark can be removed in the paid version of the application. This is a great alternative for Lightroom and Photoshop (both the apps have a steep learning curve).

Prana Breath

Pranayam is a yoga breathing technique that is often practiced by freedivers. This technique helps them keep their breath in control. A controlled breath increases your freediving experience. This application provides you with eight different breathing techniques that are inspired by Pranayam, Sufi, and Tibetan breathing practices. Prana Breath is easy to use as you just have to press the play button and listen to the sounds that will guide you through the entire experience. The application also provides gentle reminders for your training schedules.

Final thoughts

These applications will enhance your freediving experience. The convenience of these mobile applications will save you a lot of time and energy so that you can focus more on your training sessions!

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