Five Golden Rules of Spearfishing for New Divers

Spearfishing offers you a great experience in studying and learning all about the beautiful creations of nature that reside deep within the seas and oceans. It is the best way to harvest your food directly from the natural habitat, as the food caught by you has something special about it and it tastes even better when cooked.

But do you know how much effort and risks go into catching your food? Well to be on the safer side, let’s learn the golden rules of how to be safe while spearfishing:

  • Never go for spearfishing alone

It is always recommended to go spearfishing with a friend or an instructor, diving with someone by your side is helpful because you can encounter a problem with a gigantic fish or need a second chance if you fail the first time. It also helps with a blackout or any kind of emergency underwater.

  • Try not to hyperventilate

You feel suffocated because of the accumulation of the carbon dioxide inside your lungs. The human body is designed in such a way that it needs to breathe whenever it feels an accumulation of carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen. If you hyperventilate before diving, it helps to sustain a longer urge for breathing oxygen.

  • Staying hydrated is essential

Getting dehydrated is very common among divers, drinking plenty of water during your dives helps to make up for the fluids you may lose while spearfishing. Water in the body helps the blood to flow in a better way and stretch your muscles.

  • Never load your speargun while outside the water

It is very dangerous to load your gun when out of the water, if you do so then the gun might go off and travel much farther than it does under the water. It may also be a possibility that the spear might come back to you. Be safe and never load it out of water.

  • Practice recovery breathing

When you spend no less than a few minutes as long on the surface, breathing normally as you do, it helps the body to recover the oxygen levels that were lost during spearfishing underwater.

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