Five amazing tips about Free Diving under Ice

Freediving is considered the most fun and adventurous sport you can come across, it can have several variations as per the choice of the person going for it. What brings freedivers back again into the enormous water universe is the freedom you experience immersed underwater with just a mask on your face.

A freediver gets to experience a gravity-free world, nothing on earth compares to the feeling of unlimited movement and liberty you get to witness deep down. Freedivers take a deep breath during freediving and dive underwater as far as they can without a breathing apparatus. It is a risky sport, with the bodies of freedivers subjected to extreme strain.

Five Tips for Free Diving under Ice

Are you thinking of going for freediving under ice? For your next cold adventure, read these amazing tips!

1. Safety First!

Free diving under ice can turn out to be a risky game if you are not careful regarding it. Before you go for a free dive, always inform your friends and families about your plans and strategies.

Remember to never ever push yourself beyond your limits, since it becomes very difficult for a freediver to breathe deep inside the water.

2. Explore the beauty of underwater world

Freediving is all about exploring the world of natural beauty submerged under deep waters. An exquisite sight of shapes and textures along the ice walls will fascinate you under the water, while the sound of icebergs moving and crackling will remind you that you are far from home.

3. Look out for clear water

This is one of the most important freediving tips that one needs to keep in mind while in water (especially under icy cold water). Always go for that spot where there is an abundance of clear water. Having clear water is critical, so you have good visibility during the freedive. It's also critical for the ice to be about 4-6 inches thick, so it's solid enough to stand on as you walk out to the dive site.

4. Carry the right Equipments

It is always important for a freediver to carry the right equipment for his free dive and always wear a wetsuit while freediving. If you are going for a freedive under ice, carry tools to break the hard ice surface to dive down.

5. Beware of the Icy Cold Water

It is much convenient for a freediver to go for a dive in heated and warm water bodies, but when it comes to cold icy water it becomes quite difficult for the muscles to stay in the correct position and also breathing becomes difficult. A significant part of freediving is getting yourself into a zen state to slow down your heart rate, and doing so in freezing cold water adds a challenge to it.

Final thoughts

Yes, freediving under ice water sounds cool but a freediver has to be very careful of the repercussions if he is not taking the right precautions while freediving. Simply enjoy your ice freediving along with the above tips.

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