Five Amazing Movies That You Can Watch if You Enjoy Freediving

Movies are a great way to popularize different recreational activities and sports. Freediving is a new sport that has not gained much popularity in cinema, but it is something that is capable of capturing one of the best cinematic shots in history. This list of movies is the perfect one for you if you are a freediving enthusiast or just a fan of underwater cinematic shots.

Following are some freediving movies for you to watch


This is a short film that will instantly make you wonder whether a computer is creating the graphics in it. The skills are out of the norm for French freediving champion Guillaume Nery and his partner, Julie Gautier. Beautiful landscapes such as Mauritius, Mexico, and Japan are mesmerizing. If all these components are combined in one frame, it provides the spectator with an extremely real cinematic experience. This film shows underwater ruins, swimming shots under dense layers of ice, sleeping whales, and several stunning shots from under the water's surface. The kind of movie that one can watch rather than read about is One Breath Around the World.

  • DOLPHIN MAN (2017)

Directed by Lefteris Chariots, this is a documentary film that tells the story of the legendary Jacques Mayol, a cultural influence on the phenomenon of freediving. Mayol was a French diver who held many world records. He also wrote a book called 'Homo Delphinus' which translates into 'The Dolphin Within Man’. The book talks about his theory of human beings and their aquatic origins. The film starts from the Mediterranean to Japan and from India to the Bahamas. It displays the close friends and family of Mayol. His transformative journey, his relationship with the sea, and himself go through the movie. It is a rare movie that one must not miss as it carries unique archive footage that was shot using special underwater filming techniques.

  • INTO THE BLUE (2005)

For people who want to watch some action, crime, adventure set in beautiful landscapes and romantic scenes, this film is a perfect choice. The film is about a group of young divers who find a cargo underwater. The cargo contains illegal drugs and, after discovering it, the group gets into trouble with a notorious drug boss. The movie has amazing Jessica Alba, an interesting combination of scuba-diving, along with freediving and snorkeling shots, packs fantastic underwater shots. A part of the film is filmed in live-action with actual sharks in the sea of the Bahamas.

  • ONE BREATH (2020)

This film is about Natalia Molcanova, one of the most prominent Russian freedivers, who is also the founder of the Molchanov School of Freediving. The film talks about how freediving influenced a person with an ordinary life who paved her own road to make a major impact in the world. The basic concept of the film is to speak about how an athlete's life's greatest hurdle is within itself. It explains how to live with your doubts because of the weight of past failures and to fulfill one's true potential. The film is highly inspirational and will encourage you to believe in yourself when you don't feel the best.

  • THE BIG BLUE (1988)

'Le Grand Bleu' is a film directed by Luc Besson, which, when released in 1988, became a cult classic for an entire generation. It premiered but was criticized for its script at the Cannes Film Festival. Yet the attractiveness of the film was fascinating enough for people to come and watch it again and again. Besson is renowned for his visual techniques and one of his most beautifully filmed films is The Big Blue. From French Antibes, the Greek islands, Taormina in Sicily and Peru, it captures breathtaking underwater scenic locations. Critically praised, the music used in the film won the 1989 César Award for Best Music Composed for a Film and Best Sound.

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