Does covid make diving difficult?

Covid has taken away the active lifestyle we had, due to which most of us have submerged ourselves into a lethargic lifestyle. It is difficult to move a step ahead after a year of just sticking to the couch. The people who loved to play with life underwater have faced many issues relating to breathing and body ache. Many who recovered after contracting covid found it difficult to breathe and stay the usual amount of fire they used to be before.

Let’s look at the risks associated with diving after Covid:

  • General loss of fitness

Diving is the easiest activity we all know of, however, there are still certain aspects that you need to train before you dive, like swimming against the current, swimming at the surface, etc. covid has taken away a little bit of our daily active lifestyle making it difficult for us to get back to our normal lifestyle.

  • Fibrosis/scarring of lungs

This has been seen in many people, and one of the most common issues associated with it is reduced pulmonary function. This can lead to respiratory issues, frequent headaches, migraines in some people. This can also result in reduced physical strength.

  • Cardiac issues

Up to 25% of people who were hospitalized for covid have also been diagnosed with cardiovascular obligations of some sort or the other. And, because the pressure of the blood puts an increasingly bigger burden on the heart when diving, this indicates that there is a possibly higher danger of cardiac difficulties.

Be aware of these things when you resume diving

Make sure before you resume diving, you clear all your necessary tests. The first is extra fatigue that you might face initially after resuming after a long time. Don't push yourself beyond limits as you might get unconscious after a heavy load due to breathing. Be careful of your driving parameters. The first dive might be a little critical since you discover your limits at that time. Be careful of shortness of breath and if you feel even the slightest pressure on your chest, move back to the deck.

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