Diving Courses You Can Take While Travelling Dubai Under 1000 AED

Traveling is the ultimate expansion of one’s personality. It makes you explore different cultures while discovering your own self. Overall, you can’t ever go wrong with traveling, especially, when you are visiting a city like Dubai. This town with multiple sky-high buildings and mesmerizing architecture has established itself as a hotspot for travelers in recent decades. The city is undoubtedly the epitome of evolution and enhancement, hence why not you take something more than just memories and gifts? Take some priceless diving skills along and make the visit more special.

Here are some of the diving courses you can enroll in while traveling to Dubai under just 1000 AED.

  • Skin Diving 500 AED

Getting up close and personal with aquatic life while you make breath-hold dives is skin diving. With this course offered at Apena Zone, you will be able to appreciate aquatic life underwater. With the right breathing, and swimming techniques you can comfortably let your deep water anxiety release and make comfortable underwater visits. Be it thrilling open oceans or undiscovered local freshwater, this PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Skin Diving course will infuse you with confidence to jump for the adventure.

There is no prior experience required to enroll for the course, all you need is adequate swimming skills and you should be comfortable with the water. Anyone above the age of 8 years can opt for the course. We would suggest; the earlier, the better.

  • The Basic Freediver Course 800 AED

Ever got smitten by the idea of jumping into a gorgeous open sea or water body without the restriction of scuba gears? We understand the feeling of water lovers and this Basic Freediver Course is exclusively for such aqua enthusiasts. Moreover, this course is a great first step for growing some solid freediving skills. In this course, you will learn to focus on breathing, breath-holding methods, and basic freediving principles. All the training will be given in a confined water site or a large pool.

One has to be at least 12 years of age for enrolling in this PADI Basic Freediver course. No previous experience in skin diving, snorkeling, or freediving is required but one should have adequate swimming skills and a healthy body.

  • Bubble Maker 850 AED

Get that extra mile ahead to make it a dream vacation for your kids. This course can be a trendsetter for those picture-perfect Instagram captures where you along with the kids will be making bubbles by scuba diving. Unleash that next level of fun with Bubble Maker training and blow bubbles underwater with your little ones. Make sure your child is comfortable with water, however, there is no need for them or you to be a super swimmer.

  • Drift Diver 950 AED

Diving and submitting yourself to the majestic oceans and rivers are already close to the nature experience. Now add more flow to it by letting the depth and current of the ocean decide where you are going; that’s what drift diving is all about. It feels like having wings and flying but underwater. Drift diving can be a very relaxing, awakening, spiritual, exciting, and exhilarating experience. If it sounds like something you should try once, then why don’t you simply go for the Drift Diver course with Apnea Zone.

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