Covid 19 and freediving, how to deal with confinement

The world shifted to a completely different reality. The pandemic came out of nowhere. It brought almost the entire world to a standstill. Many countries are still in a state of lockdown and have put restrictions on visiting public places. Freedivers are ‘outdoor people’ most of the time, so the complete lockdown and isolation are harder to deal with for them.

How to deal with social isolation as a freediver?

  • Fortunately, many renowned freedivers from the community have made an effort to keep the rest of the community motivated with Facebook live sessions. One such person is Umberto Pelizzari, he does live streams almost every day from Italy.

  • Learn to accept and adapt. Many people have been asking us about how they can train apnea online while they are isolated at home, and how to maintain their fitness. A lot of them were starting to get frustrated because they were not able to go to the water.

  • Being a freediver, one is strong and flexible. A freediver is excellent at adjusting to the pressure of staying underwater. They are always prepared for the risks that come with this sport. This strength and flexibility can be applied to mental fitness as well.

  • Use this opportunity to relax oneself by taking a break from the usual fitness routine. It is necessary to work out at home but it will not hurt if one does not train apnea for a few months. Most of the freedivers are into freediving just for the fun and thrill of it. So, this time of isolation is a great opportunity to work on oneself by meditating, relaxed breathing, etc. This will help one feel more in control of their time and performance.

  • Reading up on some books about freediving is a good way to spend time in isolation. Knowing the theory and science behind freediving will help one get a better grip over freediving techniques.

Final thoughts

This journey of confinement will be a worthwhile experience for many freedivers. Think of it like; it will eventually pass. Think of it also as an opportunity to step out of your daily routine to live like a “normal” person. It will be a breather for people who have replaced the details and feelings in their lives with performance and limit-pushing.

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