Breathing Tips before Going for a Freedive!

Breathing accurately and carefully during freediving is essential for the sake of your protection and leisure. During or after a free-dive, there could be multiple techniques to breathe, or a particular manner to take the hindmost breath prior to a dive. While it may appear normal, breathing is an elaborate procedure.

A freediver can alter and interchange his breathing styles as per the dive circumstances. This also depends a lot on the kind of awareness that a freediver has of how their bodies work while breathing, specifically when our minds stand in the way of the automatic self-regulating mechanism inside the body. This indicates that if you breathe faster it can contribute to hyperventilation immediately. It is also important to note that we must slow down the breathing pace as we breathe before a freedive and decrease the proportion of the air flowing in and around the body on each breath, hence declining the prospect of hyperventilating.

Tips for breathing correctly prior to a freedive

Let us briefly read about the breathing methods to calm down our breathing, bodies, and minds:

  • An extended exhaling is better than inhaling

The pace or speed of the heart lowers while we exhale, so amplifying the duration of the exhalation process will help relax the body as well as the mind which in turn will minimize oxygen intake, even for a shorter moment.

  • Having a short interval while concluding inhaling and exhaling

It proves to be extremely beneficial when you are following this process, it might help you to slow down the rate of breathing when it is likely to intensify. Remember that the delay should be prolonged at the end of the exhalation than the one at the end of the inhalation.

  • Relaxation is essential

Whenever you are trying to relax, remember to perform a submissive inhalation and a submissive exhalation, so that your abdominal muscles or the delicate parts near to your stomach region aren’t stressed along with the heartbeat to be kept steady.

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