Best Tips to Make Your Interaction With Marine Life Worth a While

Freedivers are a lucky bunch who get to visit the exquisite world of the marine. If you practice freediving, then you should conduct yourself as a guest to the underwater world. A big part of freediving is to respect the underwater creatures. This also shows how responsible of a diver you are.

Actions that are taken due to lack of awareness or simply, ignorance can disrupt the peace of marine life. Acts like riding whale sharks to collecting starfish and shells while diving are not good for marine life. This is because touching marine flora and fauna is not good for them. Following are some tips on how to behave while interacting with marine life:

What is the best way to interact with marine life as a freediver?

Relax yourself

As humans, we are not meant to be underwater by default. To add to that, marine creatures are not used to larger creatures swimming towards them. They have a tendency to get shocked when they sense noise and bubbles emerging from a freediver’s mouth.

Therefore it is advised to you to go slow, the more relaxed while swimming you are, the chances of you seeing marine creatures increases. Try to behave as much like them as you can because chasing them will make them run for cover. This will shorten the duration of your diving session by physically exhausting you and your buddy.

Stop to take a break while freediving

The best thing to do during your dive is to stop diving and to take a break. You can entirely stop swimming and practice motionless hovering. This will make some marine creatures curious and they might try to get closer to you. Find a good spot and stop, you will be shocked to see marine creatures that are usually swimming closer to you. This is a great opportunity to click photographs of marine life in a natural state.

Do not chase

Never chase marine creatures. Fish are natural swimmers and we are not. They immediately recognise that and sense threat. You will not get closer to any marine creature by chasing them. In fact, you will scare them off and make them swim away from you while chasing. You will see less and ruin the experience of fellow divers who are trying to observe marine life.

Final Thoughts

It is completely natural to be curious about beautiful creatures. This curiosity is often not satisfied by the sight alone. The urge to touch creatures that we see under the water is completely natural. But, one should give space to marine creatures. It is very important to respect life as a responsible living being. We must understand that touching marine creatures while freediving is not okay. We should not let our curiosity get the better of us by putting another life form in danger.

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