Basic Scuba Diving Equipment that you Need to Know About

Scuba diving is indeed an extremely interesting hobby and a thrilling sport, yet to enjoy the experience fully you need a few essential pieces of equipment. As the full form of SCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus itself suggests how vital the presence of diving equipment is. Hence, if you are fascinated with scuba diving and want to try it once in a life, here is a list of a few essential gears that you will be needing for safe and comfortable diving.

  • Air Cylinder

Air Cylinder is the most crucial piece of scuba equipment as it allows the diver to breathe underwater with the pressurised air it contains. Scuba divers need pressurized air to inhale so they can create a balance with the surroundings or ambient pressure of water. Breathing from the tube doesn’t work underwater, and you may feel a shortage of breath if you try to do so.

  • Regulator

The regulator helps you in breathing underwater, as it provides the appropriate breathing gas as per the ambient pressure and makes sure that you are able to breathe naturally and not make excessive efforts. The regulators work in two stages 1. Reduces the pressurised air from high to intermediate, 2. Reduces the intermediate level to the surrounding pressure. Through these stages, you can breathe easily regardless of the depth.

  • Buoyancy Control Device

This device helps you in controlling your buoyancy while you are underwater, which means you can stay at a certain depth putting extra force through your fins. This is a great piece of equipment that conserves your energy which makes you use less air and increases your diving time significantly.

  • Mask

The scuba mask is made in a way that it can withstand huge underwater pressure. They are made up of high-quality materials and make you see clearly while you are diving underwater. Moreover, it encloses your nose that equalises the pressure in the mask and you don’t have to bear painful suctions due to the high underwater pressure.

  • Fins

Fins give the diver the freedom of moving efficiently and swiftly without much effort, which again means using less air and having a relatively longer diving time.

  • Wetsuit

Wetsuit’s main purpose is to keep you dry and warm when you are underwater. A diver’s body tends to lose 70% more heat underwater in comparison to the natural habitat for humans. The main objective of the wetsuit is to create a layer between your skin and water so you can stay safe from hypothermia.

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