A diet guide for freedivers|Everything you need to know!

This blog post is for the people who are looking for foods to enhance a longer breath-hold. This would directly not increase the capacity of holding your breath underwater but will enhance your body warmth, decrease the chances of fatiguing later, etc.

Having a light meal that is easily digestible before going freediving in colder water is a great idea. However, freediving sessions in tropical warm waters do not require you to eat anything before the session. In fact, you are good to go with an empty stomach before your session without any worries.

An empty stomach before freediving is the most favorable. This is because digestion requires a lot of energy, making your body lethargic and, which can take a toll on your body. Freediving continuously for many days in a row, can rapidly use up your energy. So, it is advisable to eat a light meal or snack before freediving under such circumstances. One should also take a proper full meal after the session to restore the loss of energy.

What to eat before freediving?

Filling up your body with energy does not mean that it is okay for a freediver to get away with eating anything under the name of replenishing. A tub full of candies may have the same amount of calories as a big bowl of cut-up fruit or an energy bar but it will definitely lag behind when it comes to the content of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and overall nutrients.

The best things that you can eat before freediving are oatmeal and fruits. You can also combine both together into a smoothie and have it. Make sure that the fruits which you are consuming are fresh. Eating a banana, an hour before you go freediving is a great source of instant energy.

Fruits that are rich in electrolytes like melons, oranges, grapes, etc will keep you hydrated and decrease the chance of cramps. We tend to lose electrolytes in water through sweat therefore fresh fruits are the perfect source to replenish them. On the other hand, oatmeal is easily digestible and slowly releases energy. The energy from oats is slowly absorbed by the body, therefore it is advised to have a serving of oatmeal at least 2-3 hours before freediving.

What should you eat after a freediving session?

Oftentimes, a free diver does not experience hunger after a session but this is the perfect time to eat. A tall glass of milkshake filled with carbs and protein or a full proper meal right after a session is the best idea. Make sure that you have a filling meal as soon as possible after a freediving session. Carbs in foods like brown rice, squash, pumpkin, yams, potatoes, protein from pulses, sprouts, eggs and fish, fats from nuts, along with steamed vegetables or a leafy salad are a combination of an ideal meal that you can have, post your diving session.

Final thoughts

Look out for allergies or foods that do not suit your body. Avoid these foods at any cost even when other freedivers endorse them. For instance; a milk-based smoothie may be a good source of energy for most of the freedivers, it will not help a person with lactose intolerance in any way.

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