3 Easy Techniques to Master Freediving while away from Water

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Freediving is one of the most action-packed water sports of all time, which requires a lot of practice. Since freediving is a water-based activity, the need for safe water surrounding is a necessity, but do you know you can also practice freediving even in the absence of water.

Yes! You can go for many techniques that will assist you in mastering the sport of freediving.

Let's look at the common techniques used by the freedivers to practice outside water :

  • Breath-hold

Practicing how to hold your breath is vital if you are an amateur freediver as it will benefit you in the long run and help you to maintain your calm while you are in depths of water. Try holding breaths in cycles while you are watching TV, or hold your breath just before having your breakfast in the morning. This will make your muscles adapt to the stronger reflex while freediving.

  • Stretching

The diaphragm is the most essential element of stretching in freediving. Stretching gives you a diaphragm that is more flexible and can make your contractions feel softer. Try contracting and expanding your diaphragm. It also helps you to equalize more easily and allows you to relax with elevated air pressure.

Practice this on your empty stomach in the morning. At first, it may be tricky, but eventually, you get a better understanding of the diaphragm, and the more you do it, then you will be able to manage it better.

  • Apnea walks

Apnea walks are considered good practicing tools, it means to move around at a slower speed while holding our breath, remaining calm, and getting used to the need to breathe while going around.

For deep diving, this form of training gives you confidence. If you have time to do apnea walks and manage to walk around for one minute, then if the rate of the dive is 1 m / s, you have the breath-hold for a 30-meter dive. Modeling the freefall is another way of simulating an even deeper plunge on apnea walks.

Final Thoughts

The above dry practices are some great methods to master the art of freediving. You can implement these methods in your daily life or even when you are on a vacation and are thinking of joining a freediving course. All these will assist you in the field of freediving in the long run!

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