PADI Diving In Dubai

Our PADI Diving courses in Dubai help you become Professional Scuba Diving Instructors. Start your diving instructor certification course today in Dubai.

Want to try PADI scuba diving but aren’t ready?

We will introduce you to PADI Diving in Dubai, the duration of our diving courses depends on the program you choose. Check carefully all details for each class to find out which among them are you most interested in.

What is Freediving? 

PADI diving Dubai

Freediving is breath-hold diving, which involves being in and under water while holding one's breath.

Many people now connect freediving with pictures of superheroes plummeting to the ocean's deepest depths with only the oxygen in their lungs, the might of their bodies, and the will of their brains to keep them alive and bring them back.

Nevertheless, each time you enter the ocean and maintain your breathing, you are a freediver, experiencing our world of water from the shallows to the deepest. Moreover, you can learn this magnificent technique with exclusive PADI diving courses in Dubai. 

What is PADI 

PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors® which is the world's biggest ocean adventure and diving organisation, with a global network of more than 6,600 dive schools and vacations and over 128,000 experienced alumni worldwide.

A highly experienced PADI Instructor will teach you how to free dive in a friendly, supportive learning atmosphere throughout your diving course in Dubai. By the conclusion of the course, you'll be able to free dive at home or abroad and be an ambassador for the undersea environment.

Requirement for learning free diving in Dubai

While you do not need to be an Olympic swimmer to complete the course, you must be comfortable in the water. You must be capable of swimming 200 meters/218 yards to become a PADI Freediver.
This swim is not timed and may be finished with any technique, so be patient. You'll also need to master a variety of breath-hold methods, some of which will need you to swim underwater and at depths.

How Long Does the PADI Course Take ?

PADI course has been designed so that the necessary abilities may be achieved regardless of time constraints. Some people may find it simpler to learn certain abilities, while others may require more time.

Regardless of your inherent talent, the PADI Freediver course will provide you with the necessary skills to be properly free dive.

PADI diving Dubai

A brief about PADI diving Course in Dubai

Freediving is all about inner strength, discipline, and control. If you've always wanted to join the undersea world discreetly, on your own terms, and remain for as long as your breath permits, freediving is the sport for you.

Taking the PADI Freediver course is the first step in learning why freediving is becoming a popular method to explore under the waters.


You must be at least 15 years old to enrol in a PADI Freediver course. You must have appropriate swimming ability and be in good physical health. There is no need for prior snorkelling, skin diving, or freediving expertise.